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Sara Ramirez was born on 31st August 1975 in Sinaloa, Mexico. Her mother was also a talented actress and soon both of them shifted to California when Sara was just eight years old. She is a Mexican cum American actress and had graduated from film school in New York. She was fond of musicals and never thought that one day she would receive an award for her outstanding performance in one.

She watched her mom sing for musicals and that made her realize her real interest. At Juilliard School, she sharpened her acting skills and proved her way in some of her best films and tele-series. She actually made her Broadway debut in the year 1998 in The Capeman. Though, the musical did not garner any positive response, her role was surely appreciated and then emerged to get a role in You’ve Got Mail alongside Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks. Further she went on to do The Vagina Monologues, Dreamgirls, Chicago, Spider-Man and series like NYPD, Law and Order in 2002. She enjoyed fame after being cast in Spamalot, the musical adaptation of Holy Grail and Monty Python. She considers it as the most memorable and remarkable experience ever. Her role in this musical not just nominated her in every award function but gained her the role of Dr Callie Torres in Grey’s Anatomy.

She along with the beautiful cast won the Screen Actors Guild Award by an Ensemble in 2005. She completed 88 episodes in Grey’s Anatomy. She also has a huge fan following especially from Mexico. Fans eagerly wish to know every bit about her and look forward for every of her musical.

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Sara Ramirez Biography





How-Much-Does-Sara-Ramirez-Weigh      Sara Ramirez is a Mexican born American actress as well as a singer. She is well-known for her role in Grey’s Anatomy in 2005. She also acted in the original Broadway musical namely Spamalot and received numerous nominations and the Tony Award for her performance in the musical. She studied at the San Diego School of Creative and Performing Arts in California. She speaks Spanish and English very fluently. She has a great fan following both in Mexico and the US. More..




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