What Race Is Tyra Banks ?  

When someone is a supermodel, a successful television actress and a film star, questions are bound to be raised about the personal life of such a successful person. The same has happened with Tyra Banks. There are people who debate on the fact whether Tyra Banks is of a mixed race or just black.

Tyra Banks is an African American woman whose parents were also African American. She is not a white American but a black American, and she is a person who is very proud of her heritage and race, something that she has shared on her show, The Tyra Banks Show.

It may come as a bit of surprise to the people who do not know too much about her. This is because unlike most of the blacks or people of African origin, she does not have a very dark complexion. Though it may seem like she is biracial, it is not so.

It may be noted that Tyra Banks has a scholarship by her name which supports the education of the lesser privileged girls living in South Africa. This shows her closeness to South Africa and the girls thereof.

There are some sites that may claim that she is a mixed race American or so on, but the fact is that she is an African American and since she is light skinned there are doubts concerning her race and her nationality. Either ways, Tyra Banks is an American citizen, who was born in Inglewood, California on December 4, 1973 to Carolyn and Donald Banks.

Irrespective of her race and nationality, the fact remains that she can be an excellent role model to the youngsters who would like to become a model themselves.

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What Race Is Tyra Banks





What-School-Did-Tyra-Banks-Go-To      Tyra Banks was born on December 4, 1973, to Carolyn, a NASA photographer and fashion manager, and Don, a computer consultant. Tyra’s parents got divorced when she was 6 years old. Banks studied in John Burroughs Middle school initially but she graduated from Immaculate Heart High School. This school was a strictly a girls school run by Catholic nuns, and was located in Los Feliz in LA. She was constantly ridiculed by her classmates due to her tall stature of five feet ten inches and low weight of about 125 pounds. More..




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