What Size Of Shoe Does Tyra Banks Wear ?  

Tyra Banks was born in Los Angeles on 4 December 1973.Tyra Banks started modeling at an age when girls of her age started college. While Tyra Banks was a skinny and an awkward looking girl in her school, she grew up to be one of the most sought after models.

There has been widespread debate and curiosity about the size of the clothes that she wears, about her measurements and even about the size of shoes that she wears.

About two years back she was said to have put on some weight and had size 14 clothes. But she lost all the excess flab and has been fitting in size 8 clothes. Also, there has been much speculation about the size of her shoes. There are websites which claim that the size of her shoe is 11 and also, some websites insist that she wears a size 9 shoe. But, it is reported that she herself mentioned her shoe size to be 10 in her talk show, The Tyra Banks Show.

From the awkward looking skinny girl to that of a supermodel, the journey of Tyra Banks has been really great. She achieved some thing that no one would have imagined her to. She has authored a book named 'Tyra's Beauty Inside and Out'. This book was published in 1998 and is about the life of Tyra Banks.

No matter what size clothes she wears or how much weight she puts, Tyra Banks is proud about herself and about being a black, something that teenagers would look upto while trying to pursue a modeling career.

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What Size Of Shoe Does Tyra Banks Wear





When-Was-Tyra-Banks-Born      Tyra Banks is a supermodel, an actress and a singer. She is the brain behind shows like 'America's Next Top Model' and 'The Tyra Banks Show'. She also is the host of the shows. Besides this, she is the author of the book entitled Tyra's Beauty Inside and Out, which she published in 1998. More..




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