Famous Hispanic Artist  

The term ‘Hispanic’ describes the culture and life ways of the inhabitants of Mexico, Central and South America, Greater Antilles and Guinea. These places were originally ruled by Spain. The Hispanics are recognized for their vivacious traditions, legacy and literature.

Some of the greatest artists in the world belong to this origin, and they are still alive through their remarkable work.

Francisco Zurbaran was born on November 7, 1598 in Fuente de Cantos, Extremadura was well known for his religious paintings and still life pictures. His work is generally found in the shades of blue. His talent was evident when he was a child itself, who was always found to be imitating objects with charcoal. A life-sized figure of a kneeling Franciscan holding a skull is remembered as his most marvelous piece of work. The legend expired in 1664.

Diego Velazquez was born on June 6, 1599 at Seville in Spain. His name is taken amongst the most commendable painters of the 16th century. The artist grew up to be an important figure in the court of King Philip IV. A gracious man at heart, Diego was extraordinary with portraits. His paintings mainly focused on history and culture. ‘Las Meninas’ is said to be his best piece of work. The artist breathed his last on August 6, 1660.

The world famous artist, Pablo Picasso is remembered in the history of fine art as an excellent painter, sculptor and draftsman. He is also acknowledged as the founder of the cubist movement. Born on October 25, 1881, the prodigy showed inherent talent right from childhood when the very first word he spoke was pencil. He received his formative training from his father and his work over the years is divided into various periods based on his moods and the shades of colors used. Some of these periods include the Blue period, Rose period, African Influence Period and Cubism period. He died on April 8, 1973 at the age of 91 at Mougins in France. Some of his most exorbitant paintings are 'Dora Maar au Chat' and 'Nude in a Black Armchair'.   

Joan Miroatalan was born in 1893 and is a prominent painter, sculptor and ceramicist. He produced a style of his own, which was termed as ‘organic forms and flattened picture planes drawn with a sharp line’. His work ushered the onset of Surrealism. He won many international laurels in his lifetime before passing away in 1983.

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Famous Hispanic Artist




Famous-Spanish-Artists      If there is one thing which would make Spain outshine the rest of the world, it would be her artists. Some of the prodigies of art owe their origin to this country. Spain has given to the world certain master pieces that are valued even after centuries after the respective artist passed away. More..




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