What Type Of Medium Did Leonardo Da Vinci Paint In ?  

Leonardo da Vinci’s name shines at the pinnacle of the Renaissance era of artists. He was born on April 15, 1452. Although he did not see the premises of a public school, the streaks of ingenuity were evident in him from the early years of his life. At the age of 15, Leonardo commenced his training under Andrea del Verrocchio in Florence.

Leonardo dedicated his life solely to his career. Some of his finest works include Mona Lisa and The Last Supper.

Da Vinci did not restrict himself to fine art alone. He had an aptitude towards many other subjects such as philosophy, natural history, anatomy, biology, medicine, optics, acoustics, science, mathematics and hydraulics. In that century itself, he gave to mankind the primary designs of a parachute, helicopter, airplane, rifle, swinging bridge, paddle boat, motor car and varied war machines. He explored all these fields and carved a niche for himself through various inventions, many of which were recognized years after his demise on May 2, 1519. 

The creation of any master piece involves an in depth thought process. Leonardo’s expertise as an artist lay in his perfect blending of colors that varied as per his moods. Subtleness was the embodiment of his work. As a first step, Leonardo was known to previously develop an under painting in the shades of neutral gray or brown. Only after this would he commence the usage of colors in transparent glazes on top. He showed preference towards subdued earthy browns, greens and blues within a narrow tonal range. His work displays his dislike for bright shades or contrasts.

Leonardo believed that light was a crucial factor for any piece of work. As in the case of colors, his preference was moderate lighting and thus he found dusk as the most appropriate time of work. The face contours were not defined harshly, instead were projected by soft blending of colors. He usually gave his work a smoky effect. This result was mainly created by the application of glazes. This technique created an effect that was impossible to obtain from any single color. Misty landscapes formed the background of his portraits. While painting the memorable piece, The Last Supper, he chose to work on a dry wall instead of wet plaster. However, due to this alteration, the painting started losing its splendor at a much faster pace and showed signs of deterioration in a matter of a few years. Leonardo was indeed a true genius, whose work surely touched the soul of the beholder.

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What Type Of Medium Did Leonardo Da Vinci Paint In




Leonardo-Da-Vinci-And-Machine-Designs      Leonardo Da Vinci, the Italian artist, is considered to be one of the most fascinating personalities of his times. He gave the world masterpieces such as Mona Lisa and the Last Supper. More..




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