Where Does Michael Jordan Live ?  

Any ardent basketball fan will want know where Michael Jordan live. Obviously this is not to stalk him but to try and get an autograph so that they can treasure it as a family heirloom. So, where does Michael Jordan live? Officially his residence is in Illinois. He owns a 29,000-square-foot of property there and it has its own basketball court, tennis court and putting green.

Jordan's house is known as Architectural Estates and it is located in Highland Park. It is believed that he got a landscape gardener to transplant 200 mature pine trees that were 40 feet high onto his estate and each transplant cost him a whopping $10,000.

In addition, Jordan has a home in Eleworths, Florida where he spends some time each year, and he also has homes in California and North Carolina.

Now Jordan is divorced and has set up home with his Cuban model girlfriend, Yvette Prieto in Miami. In the beginning of 2009, Jordan and Prieto took out a 30-year mortgage to buy a 3-bedroom house in Highlands, Kendall in a gated community located in the suburbs. By Jordan's standards, the house is modest as it cost only $281,000 and is 5,500 square feet. The mortgage is for $196,000 from Suntrust Mortgage.

People who know Jordan were surprised at this move because he had just purchased two lots of land in the exclusive Jupiter, Florida Bears Club for whopping $4.8 million. But then, those who are close to him believe that he wanted to co-own the modest home with his girlfriend because she had filed for bankruptcy after she could not make payments on her current home and this was Jordan's way of helping her out until she stabilizes her life.

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Where Does Michael Jordan Live




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