Famous Baseball Player  

Baseball has been the beloved game of the United States right since the beginning. It is the game that makes citizens of this country go mad every minute of the play. It is a serious professional game which has been in existence since 1860 and continues to create an explosion among people. Many kids aspire to become great baseball players than most soccer fans.

There are numerous baseball players who have known to keep the stadium burning with fire. Hence, it was often said that it is a sport meant for only red-blooded men. This was well said by famous player Tyrus Raymond. He often kidded saying it is meant for strong men and not for the weak. Ty Cobb was also nicknamed Georgia Peach and has till date received the maximum number of votes at the Hall of Fame Ballot. He was an aggressive player often known to make racist comments.

George Herman Ruth also known as Babe Ruth was one of the most popular player and a favorite among baseball fans. He was regarded and considered as the greatest player in the history of baseball. Also known for his extravagant life and jolly nature, he had set a place amongst millions of fans. His overall performance was 714 home runs in 1935 along with 60 homeruns in a single season. Eddie Clarence Murray was also a former Major League Baseball player who has the maximum number of hitters. He is also known as one among the superb switch hitters ever seen.

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Famous Baseball Player




Baseball Player :

How-Much-Money-Does-A-Baseball-Player-Make      Baseball can be considered to the national game and sport of the US. The amount of excitement would be definitely less as compared to soccer but it is worth noticing. Baseball players can also distinct themselves in the most earned category. Many fans accept that some baseball players earn more than they deserve. More..




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