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Evander Holyfield, better known by his nickname 'The Real Deal', is a pro boxer from the US. Till date, Holyfield is the only pro boxer in the world who won the heavyweight boxing championship 4 consecutive times.

Holyfield has other 8 siblings, but he is the youngest of them all. He was born on 19 October 1962 in Alabama in the town of Atmore. However, soon after his birth, the Holyfield family relocated to Atlanta. Holyfield actually started training to become a boxer at a very young age. He was 12 years old when he began his training. At thirteen, he qualified for Junior Olympics. As a teenager, Holyfield won many medals, including the Best Boxer Award at regional level. When he was 20 years old, Holyfield has the privilege of representing his country at the Pan American Games held at Venezuela in 1983. The next year, as an amateur, he earned fame by winning the Golden Gloves Competition. In 1983, Holyfield participated in the Los Angeles Olympics. Here he won the bronze medal in the lightweight category after being disqualified in the semifinal controversially.

Soon after the summer Olympics, Holyfield turned pro in cruiserweight category. He won several titles in cruiserweight, including the WBA cruiser weight title, the International Boxing Federation cruiser weight title, and the World Boxing Council cruiser weight title. In 1989, he shifted his category to heavyweight category, and ended up becoming the undeniable heavyweight champ by defeating the likes of James “Buster” Douglas and Riddick Bowe.

In 1996, Holyfield fought Mike Tyson, and he ended up winning the match in the 11th round. This resulted in Holyfield retaining the title for heavy weight for the 3rd time. However, the second bout against Tyson became notorious all over the world. This was the bout when Tyson got disqualified and the boxing federation suspended him for biting off the ear of Holyfied.

Evander currently resides in Fayette County, Georgia. Holyfield was married thrice to three different women. He is an extremely religious person, and has given credit for his success to his belief and faith, and to his mother for constantly motivating and inspiring him.

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Evander-Holyfield-Last-Fight      Evander Holyfield fought his last fight on 20 December 2008 at the Hallenstadion stadium in Zurich, Switzerland against Nikolai Valuev for a mere sum of $600,000. This amount is considered to be least he has ever received during his pro boxing career. More..




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