What Is Evander Holyfield Best Known For ?  

Although Evander Holyfield is well known pro boxer, he is best remembered for the notorious fight that took place between him and Mike Tyson way back in June 1997. This was the famous fight were an angry and infuriated Tyson bit off a chunk of Holyfield’s ear. This fight also became famous in the boxing world as 'the bite fight'.

This famous fight was hosted at the MGM Grand Garden Arena of Las Vegas. Mills Lane was appointed as the officiating referee for the match. The first round of the bout was completely dominated by Holyfield. In the second round, Tyson showed some resistance by pushing Holyfield backwards. Holyfield instantly came forward and gave head butts which had cut Tyson’s right eye and blood started oozing out from his right eye. Tyson had complained about repeated head butting to match referee, but the match referee brushed off Tyson’s complaints and said that the head butts were not intentional and ensured that the match continued.

The 3rd round began with some furious attack from Tyson which hurt Holyfield and pushed him to the ropes. Holyfied retaliated with some hard low blows which made Tyson furious. This was the time that Tyson bit Holyfield on his right ear, tearing away a piece of the ear. After this incident, the match was halted for few minutes. The match referee initially decided to disqualify Tyson for this odd behavior, but after Holyfield’s doctor's intervention, the match was allowed to go on. However, Tyson went on to bite Holyfield again this time on the left ear. However, the referee did not stop the fight and it continued until the final bell was sounded.

Holyfield emerged victor in this infamous match, becoming only person after Muhammad Ali to hold the title three consecutive times. Tyson’s boxing license was suspended by the Nevada State Athletic Commission for his unsportsmanlike actions in the ring and was barred from fighting international bouts. However, Holyfield, a very religious person, forgave Tyson for his transgression.

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What Is Evander Holyfield Best Known For





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