Where Was Evander Holyfield Born ?  

Evander Holyfield was born on October 19, 1962 in the town of Atmore, which is located in the state of Alabama. Shortly after his birth his family moved to Atlanta where he got his first boxing lessons at the age of 12. During his teens he represented the US in the 1984 Olympics, and won the bronze medal after a controversial disqualification in the semifinal match against Kevin Barry of New Zealand.

Holyfield holds world Titles in both Heavyweight and cruiserweight category. He made his debut as a pro boxer at the Madison Square Garden on 15 November 1984.Two years later in 1986 he defeated Dwight Muhammed Qawi, who the cruiser weight champion. Holyfied became the world champion by a very narrow margin. Later on in 1988, Evander moved to heavyweight category, and in this category, once again he was crowned the world champ in 1990 after he defeated James Buster Douglas. Holyfield successfully retained his title three times by defeating former champions like Larry Homes and George Foreman. However, in 1992, he had to let go of his title when Riddick Bowe defeated him in one close encounter. It was his first professional loss in twenty-nine bouts. After staying away from the ring for a short period, he came back and surprised everybody by reclaiming his title. However, this time Holyfied failed to hold on to the title for too long. In 1994, Michael Moorer defeated him by a decision.

Though health problems keep Holyfield away from the ring for a time, he made his comeback in 1996, and fought Mike Tyson. Holyfield defeated Tyson in that close encounter and become the only person, apart from Muhammad Ali, to win the title for three times in the history of boxing.

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Where Was Evander Holyfield Born





Evander-Holyfield-Biography      Evander Holyfield, better known by his nickname 'The Real Deal', is a pro boxer from the US. Till date, Holyfield is the only pro boxer in the world who won the heavyweight boxing championship 4 consecutive times. More..




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