How Heavy Was Mike Tyson When He Started His Career ?  

Mike Tyson is one of the most famous boxing and heavy weight championship personality in the world. Tyson first competed in the Olympic games of 1982 and won the Silver medal. He first lost a match against Petr Palecek, an amateur Czech boxer. He also fought Henry Tilman as an amateur and lost. Tyson made his first professional entry as a boxer on March 6 of 1985. He competed in Albany of New York.

In this match, he defeated Hector Mercedes in the 1st round and it was a knock out. In the first year of boxing, he won 26 fights out of the 28 held and most of them were knock outs. Soon he started competing with Journeymen and borderline contenders like Mitch Green, Marvis Frazier, James Tillis and Jesse Fergusson. He started winning matches continuously and this attracted a lot of media attention.

The first math on television was broadcast on February 16 of 1986 where Tyson fought against Jesse Ferguson. It was a knock out and in this match Ferguson also broke his nose. When Tyson was merely twenty years old, he was bestowed the title of the Youngest Heavy Weight Champion in the history of boxing. Tyson was too strong and this scared his opponents to the extent that several were scared to hit him. He had an unmatched defensive approach. His mentor was Cus D’Amato who died just as Tyson's career was taking off. After D’Amato’s death, Tyson had several problems in his career. Tyson had a unique style and several of his moves were the secret of his winning streak.

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How Heavy Was Mike Tyson When He Started His Career





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How Heavy Was Mike Tyson When He Started His Career ? )
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