Mike Tyson And His Children  

Mike Tyson has been married for 3 times in his life. He has seven children from these three marriages. His first wife was Robin Givens whom he married on February 7 of 1988, and they divorced on February 14 of 1989. Givens was working on a sitcom called Head of the Class at that time.

Tyson’s marriage to Givens was full of physical violence and abuse because of his own mental stability. Tyson and Givens actually sat through a joint interview on ABC network and in that interview Givens claimed that marriage with Tyson was sheer hell and torture than anyone can imagine. Givens also called Tyson a manic depressive. However, the couple did not have any children.  

Tyson later married Monica Turner on April 19 of 1997, and he divorced her on January 4, 2003. However, Monica’s reasons were different for divorce as she claimed he had committed adultery in their five years of marriage. The couple have 2 children Rayna and Amir.

Tyson married Laikha Spicer on June 6, 2009. However, they already had a 4 year old daughter named Exodus. In 2009, before the couple got married, Tyson's daughter was found in an unconscious state by her brother Miguel. Laikha tried to resuscitate her daughter, but she died the following day after getting strangled by a cord from the treadmill. It was ten days later that Tyson then married his girlfriend. The couple has a daughter called Milan.

Recently Don King had made a statement to the press that Tyson is planning a come back and he would be fighting Evander Holyfield in the year 2010.

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Mike Tyson And His Children





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