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Roy Jones Jr. was born on January 16 of 1969. His father, who is his namesake, was also a fighter and his personal trainer. Roy Jones is a middle weight champion from Pensacola, Florida. He is best known for the speed of his punch, knock outs and dexterity in the ring. Other boxers and champions call him the best pound for pound fighter.

Jones is extremely popular with the younger people as most of them can relate to his success at a young age. He does not take drugs and does not drink alcohol. Also, he is very involved in community service and gives a lot of his to various charitable organizations along with financial help. Jones also works with teenagers and talks to them personally on several issues. He is considered to an excellent role model to the youth.

In spite of his success in America, Roy Jones is not that well known in the entire world. One reason is that he does not promote himself that way. He has also refused to play games established by Don King and the media as he saw them as a waste of time. There are very few people in his weight category that can fight him. In 1996, Mike McCallum labeled Jones the 'greatest fighter of all times'. He has been entered into the medium weight world championship Hall of Fame.

Even today there is nobody who can deliver the punches at lightning speed like the way he did. He has now retired and continues with his lifestyle of social service and works with charitable organizations.

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Roy Jones Jr Biography





Roy-Jones-Jr-Childhood      Roy Jones Jr. was born on 16 January 1969 in the city of Pensacola in Florida. Both his parents were from different backgrounds, and also different personalities. His mother was very soft, while his father was known to be extremely strict. His father, also named Roy, was a decorated official, Vietnam Veteran, club fighter and also a retired aircraft engineer. He had taken up rearing pigs in a farm after retiring from the military. More..




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