Roy Jones Jr Childhood  

Roy Jones Jr. was born on 16 January 1969 in the city of Pensacola in Florida. Both his parents were from different backgrounds, and also different personalities. His mother was very soft, while his father was known to be extremely strict. His father, also named Roy, was a decorated official, Vietnam Veteran, club fighter and also a retired aircraft engineer. He had taken up rearing pigs in a farm after retiring from the military.

Roy Jr had an extremely difficult childhood due to his father who would beat him often or yell at him for long periods of time. However, even after Roy Jr. grew up nothing much changed in the behavior of his father. Roy Jr. was too scared of his father and was more scared of his physical abuse.

He once told the Sports Illustrated magazine that after a while he was not scared of getting hurt or even dying anymore. He had been through his childhood with his father pulling up the truck and deliberately looking for something that he had done wrong so that he could beat Jones Jr. Roy Sr. also ran his own boxing gym where he trained young men. He always wanted to train his son there and successfully ended up doing so. Roy's father took all steps to ensure that his gym was successful and that the youngsters coming gained from it. However, he continued to be harsh on his son. He almost used to drive Roy Jr. to exhaustion and keep shouting at him in front of the other trainees who used to workout at the gym. Later, Roy Sr. said it is this kind of treatment that made Roy Jr tough, and helped him achieve the success in his boxing career.

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Roy Jones Jr Childhood





Roy-Jones-Jr-Life      Roy Jones Jr is the world’s best heavy weight champion though he is not popular in the entire world. Jones Jr has had a very tough childhood with his father, and he had to train very hard throughout his life. He was born in Pensacola of Florida, and both his parents were of different nature. His mother was a very calm and loving person, while his father was a tyrant. More..




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