David Beckham Hairstyles  

David Beckham’s hairstyles are as popular as his on-field antics. In fact, his hairstyles used to be fashion trends that many of his fans and admired used to copy. They all wanted to be cool and hip-looking like David Beckham.

Here is a look at the most popular hairdo of the style icon.

Modified Mullet: This hairstyle complemented his face very well and gave him uber-cool look.

Mo-Hawk: The Mo-hawk-look too looked great on the man. On the sides, there is short hair and is sort of neatly done at the top.

Long hairstyle: Long hair that is pushed behind the ear and a few strands pulled back into a pony. This added to his cool quotient as well.

Razor cut: This is the popular choppy or messy look. He styled it using styling gel and this gave him a rockstar look.

Shaggy hairstyle: It sure makes a fashion statement. It gives that unkempt look. But with the use of a wee bit of styling gel on the hair, one can make a few bangs stand up. This too looks uber-cool.

Buzz style with a side cut: This is what most people who want to start experimenting with a new hairstyle do. Just cut the hair off, short. Beckham pulls of this hairstyle with panache and style.

Bleached Buzz cut: What can you do with a buzzed hair? Most people think much cannot be done. But Beckham sure knows how to experiment with this as well. He just bleached the buzzed cut, giving himself a new hairstyle.

Whether his hair is short or long or just buzzed off, he sure knows how to get the heads turning and the shutterbugs clicking!!

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David Beckham Hairstyles




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