Biography Of Pele  

Biography Of Pele

Edison Arantes do Nascimento, popularly known to soccer fans as Pele, is considered to be one of the greatest names in the world of soccer. He was born on October 23, 1940 in Brazil. He is still a national hero in his country for his contributions and accomplishments on the field. As he himself hailed from a poor family he was sensitive towards to poor countrymen and used his celebrity status for the upliftment of the poor and enhancing the living conditions.More...


Life Story Of Pele

Life Story Of Pele

For a footballer to have played 1,360 games in his career and to have scored 1,281 goals, can only be a dream. But legends make dreams a reality by their sheer talent. Here is the life story of one such legend, Pele, the king of football.

This is the life story of Edson Arantes do Nascimento, or Pele, who was the youngest player in the history, to win the football World Cup Winners Medal when he helped his country, Brazil, win the World Cup in the year 1958. Pele was just seventeen years old at that time, but he made it known that he was here to stay and make history.  More...


What Is Peles Real Name ?

What Is Peles Real Name

Pele the soccer genius' real name is Edson Arantes do Nascimento. This happens to be a Portuguese name. Generally, a Portuguese name consists of at least one given name followed by two family names. Of the two family names, the first family name will be that of the mother’s family’s surname and the last surname will be the father’s family surname. This is the norm for Portuguese names as they wanted to preserve their family trees and races.

Accordingly, in the name Edson Arantes do Nascimento, Edson is the given name. Arantes is the first family name, which ideally would be the name of Pele’s mother’s family, then do Nascimento is the second family name, which happens to be the family name of Pele’s father’s family.More...





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