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Andrew Stephen Roddick, or Andy Roddick as he is popularly known, is a deadly combination of muscular body, looks of a movie star and calm demeanor on court.

Born on August 30, 1982, in Omaha in Nebraska, Roddick began playing professional tennis as a teenager of 17 years.In 2001, Houston fans, who had braved the rains to watch his semifinal victory, were rewarded by Andy with tickets to the finals. Even as a kid, Andy was confident of his success; he had signed his friend Garrett’s tennis bag and asked him to keep it as some day he would be famous enough for Garrett to show the bag to everyone else.   

Although the Roddick family is no longer living in Nebraska, they are still big fans of Nebraska. So much so that one bathroom in their home at Boca Raton is decorated with red and white Cornhusker wallpaper. Apart from tennis, Andy is also said to quite talented in singing the rap song “Ice Ice Baby”, break dancing and mimicking South Park’s Cartman.

The family has a trick up their sleeve when they want to bring Andy down to earth -- they pull out tapes of 13-year-old Andy, who, according to Andy’s brother John, used to be small for his age and did not have much of a serve to write home about.  

While still in his teens, Andy already had two appearances on national television under his belt -- on MTV’s “Total Request Live”, and on Craig Kilborn’s “Late Late Show.”

Andy also enjoys the distinction of being the first men's tennis star to host Saturday Night Live. Actor Ashton Kutcher had “Punk’d” Andy in an episode of the MTV show in 2005.

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Andy Roddick Facts




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Does-Andy-Roddick-Have-A-Girlfriend      Fondly nicknamed as "A-Rod" symbolizing his first initial and the first three letters of his last name, Andy Roddick is a commendable American tennis professional player. He is recognized world wide as the former World Number 1 player and also for his aggressive on court behavior. Amongst many, umpire Emmanuel Joseph was one to bear his wrath during the Australian Open in 2008. More..




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