Pete Sampras Biography  

Pete Sampras was a pro tennis player, who is considered even today to be one of the greatest players in the men's circuit. His parents, Sam and Georgia, were immigrants from Greece, who came to the US looking for the ultimate American dream.

           Little did they realize that their son born in Washington DC on 12 August 1971 would shine in the world of tennis.However, Sampras the making of a sports star even when he was just a little boy. In 19978, the family moved to California, and it was here that little Pete actually got more time to play tennis. The warm climate of Palos Verdes, where the family settled, was ideal for playing tennis. In fact, the entire family enrolled in a club to play tennis, and it was here that it became evident that young Peter had the making of a tennis champ in him.

          By the time Pete reached 11 years of age, he was already a pro in serving and volleying. This went on to become the main feature of his game when Sampras turned pro in 1998. He was just 16 years old at that time. Even though the press and critics were harsh on him due to what they called his “lack of charisma”, Sampras' natural talent always let his work speak for itself. Sampras knew that he would prove his detractors wrong with his solid game and fierce competitiveness that lay inside him.

          True enough, in his career spanning 15 years, Sampras went on to win the maximum number of Grand Slams, a feat that no other player had achieved in the history of pro tennis. He won 14 Slams, which included seven Wimbledon titles, five titles at Flushing Meadows and two titles at the Australian Open. He held this record right until 2009, when Roger Federer overtook Sampras by winning 15 titles.

          Sampras also has the distinction of being the world's top ranked player for 6 consecutive years, right from 1993 through 1998.

          Finally, in August 2003, Sampras bid adieu to pro tennis officially.

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Pete Sampras Biography




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