Pete Sampras Biography  

Pete Sampras Biography

       Pete Sampras was a pro tennis player, who is considered even today to be one of the greatest players in the men's circuit. His parents, Sam and Georgia, were immigrants from Greece, who came to the US looking for the ultimate American dream. Little did they realize that their son born in Washington DC on 12 August 1971 would shine in the world of tennis.More...


How Many Grand Slam Tournaments Has Pete Sampras Won ?

How Many Grand Slam Tournaments Has Pete Sampras Won

Pete Sampras is considered to be one of the greatest men's tennis players in the history of tennis. He tennis career spanned a period of 15 years during which time he won a mammoth 14 Grand Slams. This record stood right until 2009 when Roger Federer broke it with 16 titles after winning the Wimbledon.It was in 2002 that Sampras retired from pro tennis with an amazing record of 204 wins and 34 losses in 52 Slams that he had played. The alone is a feat to earn Sampras a place among the greats of tennis.

Sampras played his last Grand Slam at the Flushing Meadows in 2002 as he won the title there defeating Andre Agassi. Agassi and Sampras had a healthy rivalry that never ceased to make new all through the 1990s. More...



Pete Sampras Marriage

Pete Sampras Marriage          Though Pete Sampras and Bridgette Wilson’s romance was a classic case of ‘sport meets glamour’, their marriage has turned out to be nothing like most of the other high-profile unions. Bridgette, a Hollywood actor, former beauty queen and singer has been Pete’s wife for over a decade now, and the blissfully happy family picture has been completed with the arrival of two sons.

         Pete and Bridgette had exchanged rings and vows on 30 September 1999 at the groom’s Beverly Hills home. It was not a lavish affair as one would expect celebrities to have. Rather it was a wedding that was attended by just 80 people who were close family and friends of the couple. Also, the wedding ceremony took place at the backyard More...





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Who-Is-Pete-Sampras-Married-To      The rock solid marriage between Pete Sampras and Bridgette Wilson reinforces the general belief that sportsmen make good husbands. The couple took their nuptial vows in September 2000, and today, they are blessed with two sons. More..




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