Will Rafael Nadal Play At Wimbledon  

The left handed tennis player, Rafael Nadal was born on June 3, 1986 in Manacor, Spain to Sebastian and Ana Maria. Although born to a businessman, this boy grew up to be the World Number 1 player in professional tennis.

           This tennis super star commenced playing professionally when he was just 8 years, and by the time he turned 17, his name was amongst the top 50 tennis players in the world. It was finally in the year 2008 that Nadal won the Wimbledon for the first time in an epic battle against Roger Federer. He proved his detractors wrong by showing his prowess on the grass court. Many believed that he could just play on clay.

           On August 18, he was officially declared as the top most tennis player in the world, thereby putting a full stop on Federer’s victory over the title of more than 4 years. Unfortunately the eventful year ended on an unfortunate note with Nadal withdrawing from The Tennis Masters Cup due to a knee problem. The player was reported to be in severe pain due to "insertion tendonitis" in both his kneecaps.

           In 2009 saw Nadal back in action. He won his first Australian Open, becoming the first player from Spain ever to do so. However, after losing at the French Open, Nadal announced he was withdrawing from the AEGON Championships that is held just before the Wimbledon. This was due to his problem of tendonitis in his knees. Finally, this same problem did not allow him to compete in the Wimbledon, and as a consequence of which, Roger Federer was reinstated as World Number 1, and Nadal’s ranking slid to the Number 2 position on July 6, 2009. His comeback at the Rogers Cup in August instead of re-establishing his position worsened the ranking since he lost the game. With Andy Murray declared as World Number 2, Nadal came down to the third rank.

           His gameplay at the Australian Open in 2010 did not offer any respite to his deteriorating stance in professional tennis. At present, Nadal is rated at the World Number 4 position. The doctors have suggested some rest for recuperation. The player plans to make a comeback at the BNB Paribas Open. His fans wish to see him finish the season at World Number One again, but what the future has in store, only time will tell.

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Will Rafael Nadal Play At Wimbledon




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