Roger Federer Training Schedule  

When it comes to the stalwarts of tennis, Roger Federer’s name is right up at the pinnacle. He is said to be the best player professional tennis has ever seen. This incredible player is a master of all courts and rules the hearts of his fans with his fabulous style of playing.

Employing the technique of single handed backhand in his game, Federer takes on his competitors with his great shots and extraordinary speed. He is one player whose game is applauded by even his ace sports rivals.

This World Number 1 player does not take his ranking for granted, which is highlighted in his strict training regime. He believes in vigorous training off-courts that ultimately makes things easier to achieve on court. Although he is still young, he takes good care of his body by maintaining a good diet and regular training that tones his physique. Federer works out regularly under the supervision of his trainer, Pierre Paganini. His training schedule is throttled to the highest level during off-season with at least 10 hours of training every week. The megastar considers this to be a requisite for sustaining the top rank.

Two of Roger's extremely favorite exercises are lateral lunges incorporating a twist and medicine ball tosses. The former requires one to stand with the feet apart comparable to the width of the shoulder. Thereafter, one needs to lunge with the left leg, which is placed at a 45 degree angle, and then twist to the left moving that side of the torso forward. The training requires the person to stay on in this position for a while and then repeat the same with the right leg. The exercise should be done at least 10 times.

The latter exercise called the medicine ball tosses aims at empowering the muscles of the upper body. This exercise requires a partner and has to be performed on the court. The person under training has to move around the court at a fast pace using something known as shuffle steps. While he is doing this, an adequately weighing medicine ball is passed between the player and his partner. It is imperative that the ball is maintained at chest height.

Federer is also into weight lifting, which adds on to his muscle power. He invests a lot of time in rope skipping for good on-court footwork and high level of stamina. Apart from regular training, the flawless player ensures that his body gets sufficient rest with a 10 hours sleep at night. With the kind of energy that he spends, the hours of rest are certainly required. He believes in eating nutritious food and relies less on food supplements.

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Roger Federer Training Schedule




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