Roger Federer Biography  

Roger Federer Biography

        Roger Federer is a pro tennis player from Switzerland, who is ranked as the number one player in the world by the ATP. Roger also has another record to his credit. He was the longest reigning number one player after holding the position for 237 continuous weeks. Many tennis experts and pro players have dubbed Roger as the greatest player in the history of tennis.More...


How Tall Is Roger Federer ?

How Tall Is Roger Federer          As per the professional tennis records furnished by the ATP, Roger Federer is the number one pro tennis player in the world. This sensational player considered to be one of the greatest living legends in pro tennis also has the distinction of being at the helm of the rankings for 237 continuous weeks.More...



Roger Federer Training Schedule

Roger Federer Training Schedule          When it comes to the stalwarts of tennis, Roger Federer’s name is right up at the pinnacle. He is said to be the best player professional tennis has ever seen. This incredible player is a master of all courts and rules the hearts of his fans with his fabulous style of playing. Employing the technique of single handed backhand in his game, Federer takes on his competitors with his great shots and extraordinary speed.More...


Does Roger Federer Have A Girlfriend ?

Does Roger Federer Have A Girlfriend

Roger Federer, the current World No. 1, is often called the best tennis player in the history of the sport. Federer does not have a girlfriend because he is a married man. He married his girlfriend, Mirka Vavrinec, whom he had met at the 2000 Olympics in Sydney. Both were there to represent Switzerland and since then, the couple has been inseparable.More...


Who Is Roger Federer Married To ?

Who Is Roger Federer Married To           The phenomenal tennis player, Roger Federer is married to Mirka Vavrinec, who was also a pro ladies tennis player. The couple met for the first time at the Olympics 2000 held in Sydney, wherein both were playing on behalf of Switzerland. Despite Mirka being three years senior to Federer, chemistry was struck between the duo and since then the two have been together.More...





Tennis :

Roger-Federer-Baby      Roger and Mirka Federer are the proud parents of twin girls Charlene Riva and Myla Rose. The girls were born in Switzerland on 23 July 2009. The girls are the first-born children of the couple, who got married in April 2009. More..




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