Biography Of Serena Williams  

Serena Williams, the younger sister of Venus Williams, came into the world on 26 September 1981. She was born in Saginaw in Michigan. Serena took to tennis after her father decided to train her and Venus to become champion players. Serena actually turned into a pro in 1995.

          The moment she turned pro, everyone could see that Serena was blessed with immense power and athleticism. Of course, her flamboyant style of playing just added to her charm and won over numerous fans. Little did people know that this girl had actually learned her game playing in the public courts of a dangerous neighborhood. This was not at all evident. Serena learned to play in Compton, a neighborhood of LA that is known for its gang wars and gun fire.

          Serena has been playing competitive tennis right from the age of 4.5 years. In fact, during that time she played around 49 tournaments and managed to win in 46 of them. In just two years of turning pro, Serena managed to climb into the top hundred players of the world. By then, everyone had realized that she was a force to reckon with. So much so that she won a lucrative sponsorship deal from Puma even though she was not among the top ten players.

          However, Serena proved all her fans and sponsors right by proving that she had in her to be a winner. She has won all Grand Slams, and also the gold medal at the Beijing Olympics for doubles, when she partnered her sister.

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Biography Of Serena Williams




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Facts-Of-Serena-Williams      Tennis superstar Serena Williams is a multi-faceted personality, with plenty of other interests apart from tennis. When she is not busy smashing her opponents on the courts, Serena likes to listen to music, especially Brandy and Mariah Carey, watch movies and cartoons, play the guitar, read, act, talk on the telephone, and spend her leisure time with close friends and her close knit family. She loves to read too, especially books by Maya Angelou. More..




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