Facts Of Serena Williams  

Tennis superstar Serena Williams is a multi-faceted personality, with plenty of other interests apart from tennis.

          When she is not busy smashing her opponents on the courts, Serena likes to listen to music, especially Brandy and Mariah Carey, watch movies and cartoons, play the guitar, read, act, talk on the telephone, and spend her leisure time with close friends and her close knit family. She loves to read too, especially books by Maya Angelou.Italy scores as her top vacation spot, while the color pink will always find favor with Serena. The outdoorsy girl that Serena is, it is not surprising that she loves to go surfing, skateboarding, and plays football. Apart from being involved in each other’s career, Serena and Venus are also good friends. They share a home when they are not playing matches and tournaments around the world. Both have done a course in fashion designing, and both have their own line of clothing. Serena's line of clothing is sold under the label of Aneres, which is nothing but her name spelt backwards. Serena has plans to sell her clothing line through boutiques located in LA and Miami.

          Serena describes herself as having a great personality that is also quite humorous. The humorous side of her personality was revealed in the sitcom My Wife and Kids where she made a guest appearance.

          Her favorite tennis player is Pete Sampras, and the personal victory that she cherishes the most is her Wimbledon win in 2002. Serena and Venus were encouraged by their father Richard Williams to become tennis professionals. Both the sisters started training from a very young age, and displayed amazing command over the game right from the start. Serena later trained at Rick Macci's academy, and then turned professional when she was just 14 years old.

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Facts Of Serena Williams




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History-Of-Serena-Williams      The current ladies world number one tennis player, Serena Williams, full name is Serena Jameka Williams. She was born in a town of Saginaw, which is located in Michigan, on 26 September 1981. More..




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