How Tall Is Serena Williams ?  

Serena Williams is the current number one player on the ladies pro tennis circuit. She is from America, and is known to overcome her opponents with her sheer talent, power and skill.

            Considering that she is built quite powerfully, many fans constantly wonder how tall is Serena Williams. Without much ado, the answer to this question is five feet ten inches.She has a healthy body weight of 150 pounds to complement her height, and this allows her to move around the court lightening fast without wasting any time. This is something many opponents do not expect when playing her for the first time. Serena’s physique explains the unmatched agility she displays every time she plays.

            Both Serena and Venus are also famous for their flamboyant fashion sense, and are usually seen heating up the courts in colorful outfits, quite in contrast to the usual all-white ensemble sported by old-school tennis players. Serena’s eclectic style and keen eye for fashion has resulted in her launching her own fashion clothing line called ‘Aneres’, which is her named spelt backwards. Serena also has lucrative contracts with a number of leading sports clothing brands like Nike and Puma.

            Besides playing tennis and launching her own clothing line, Serena is also quite interested in acting. She has acted in some sitcoms and television shows where she has proved that she is quite adept at acting, humor and histrionics.

            Today, upcoming ladies tennis players look to Serena, who is a role model and inspiration. She has proven number of times that hard work and determination will always pay.

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How Tall Is Serena Williams




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