Who Is Venus Williams Currently Dating ?  

It was reported by different new media in 2008 that Venus Williams was engaged to be married to her boyfriend, Hand Kuehne. However, this has not been confirmed as even in 2010, Venus does not speak about her personal life.

           However, for those who want to know who is Venus Williams currently dating, it can be said without a doubt that she is dating Hank Kuehne.Kuehne is a professional golf player, who is active on the Nationwide Tour as well as the PGA Tour. In 2008, while Venus was preparing for the Australian Open, the news on some online websites was that she had gotten engaged to Kuehne, who has been her boyfriend since 2007. Also, a close friend of Venus was quoted on saying that she was very happy, but did not want the distraction with the media hounding her about the engagement. Thus, it was kept silent.

           Kuehne was first seen with Venus in 2007 during the Wimbledon where he was part of the Williams entourage supporting her right through the tournament. Kuehne has been married before and has a son from a prior marriage. Since 2007, Kuehne has been a major presence on-court supporting Venus and also being there for her if there were any rain delays during any tournaments. He is often seen sitting in the players' box with Venus' family members.

           Although Venus is silent on the engagement, she has acknowledged that Kuehne is extremely supportive and knows what it means to compete. She also admitted that she loves to have Kuehne supporting her and being there for her during her matches.

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Who Is Venus Williams Currently Dating




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