How Much Money Does Bill Gates Have ?  

Recent reports show how Bill Gates has had his personal net worth soar over $100 billion and then drop down to $55 billion. If you consider, he made this money in 25 years since Microsoft was founded in 1975; and presuming he worked 14 hours a day on every business day since then; this means he’s been making money at a staggering million dollars per hour, around $300 per second.

It is perhaps more disturbing to see the slope of his appreciation during some periods. In 1998 he netted some $45 billion, which is an astounding rate at which to make money. Higher than the entire gross domestic products of Chile and Egypt, and he did twice as well as Guatemala, 4 times better than all of Sri Lanka or the Dominican Republic, 6 times better than Costa Rica, El Salvador or Panama, 8 times better than Brunei and 23 times better than all of Bermuda. In the 1998, Bill Gates made much more (before taxes) than the entire population of Kuwait. Talking about companies even GM, Exxon, Ford, IBM or Intel combined have earned what Bill Gates did in 1998 by holding onto MSFT stock. His profit per month is more than the sales of Lockheed Martin, J.C.Penny, UPS or Intel.

Bill Gates is worth 58 billion dollars and is now the third richest man in the world. He held the no. 1 position for 13 years. He has officially retired from the day-to-day operations of Microsoft though he continues as part time Chairman. He now concentrates his efforts on the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation.

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How Much Money Does Bill Gates Have ?




How-To-Write-To-Bill-Gates      Bill Gates can be reached by snail mail at 1835 73rd Ave NE Medina, WA 98039. He can also be emailed at [email protected] or through his foundation at [email protected] . Due to the oceans of mail he receives, a reply may take time, but it does come. People address him for donations for charities, new business concepts, or problems they are experiencing with Microsoft software and products. More..




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