Is George Lucas A Vegetarian ?  

George Lucas is the creator of the epic sci-fi franchise Star Wars, and Indiana Jones, the archaeologist-adventurer character.

He is an American film producer, academy award nominated, a screenwriter, director and chairman of Lucas Film Ltd. Lucas has gone down in the annals of American motion picture history as one of the most successful independent producer/directors. He is reputedly worth $3.9 billion.

Lucas came into limelight with the success of his second full length movie American Graffit,i which was released in 1973. He gained even more fame with Star Wars, released in 1977. The movie, an unprecedented success, went on to break all box office records and won seven academy awards.

He was awarded a Lifetime Achievement Award in 2005 by the American Film Institute. Discovery Channel named him the 100th greatest American. He was nominated for the Best Directing and Writing academy awards for both American Graffiti and Star Wars.

By nature, Lucas is quiet and unassuming, verging on being introverted. He was raised in a strong Methodist family but has since taken an interest in Asian religions, more especially Buddhism.

Not much is known of his dietary habits but it is on record that Lucas has a penchant for fast food -- just plain, old-fashioned American junk food. It is presumed he is not a vegetarian.

Lucas is a diabetic but that does not in any way affect his driving energy. He has three adopted children, Amanda, Katie and Jett. While he boasts of being on the cutting edge of technology, he writes in long hand using a loose leaf binder in preference to a word processor.

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Is George Lucas A Vegetarian ?




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