Why Did George Lucas Decide To Make Star Wars ?  

Star Wars, conceptualized by George Lucas, was released by 20th Century Fox in May 1977. It is an epic space opera franchise, the first film of which was named just Star Wars.

There were subsequent prequels and sequels differently named to distinguish them. Overnight Star Wars became a global pop culture phenomenon.

The final film in the series was released as recently as May 2005. As on 2008, about $4.3 billion were the total box office revenues making Star Wars the biggest earning series surpassed only by James Bond and Harry Potter.

Star Wars was made because of Lucas’ obsession with mythology and his burning desire to narrate a story about it. Star Wars was targeted at adolescents in which Lucas created an environment, past, present and future that allowed him to tell a story, but in a way that was not incendiary. It is believed that Lucas wanted to make a film on Flash Gordon but could not manage to get the rights for it. This prompted him to write Star Wars, which has a lot of similarity with Flash Gordon.

Universal Studios had contracted Lucas to a twin series project of American Graffiti and Star Wars in 1971. Star Wars was initially rejected, as the story was deemed too difficult to understand. It took four drafts, completed in 1976, before the script was ready for principal photography. The six films in the series were nominated for a total of 22 Academy Awards of which they won 7.

In 2005, George Lucas earned a Lifetime Achievement Award from the American Film Institute. He was also named the 100th greatest American by Discovery Channel. Lucas was nominated for the Best Directing and Writing academy awards for both American Graffiti and Star Wars.

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Why Did George Lucas Decide To Make Star Wars ?




George-Lucas-As-A-Child      George Walton Lucas, Jr. was born on May 14, 1944 to George Walton and Dorothy Ellinore Bomberger Lucas in Modesto, California. His father was of British and Swiss-German origin and his mother of German and Scots-Irish. His father ran a stationery store and owned a walnut farm. His mother, of a well-known family, was always in poor health and often bedridden throughout George Jr.’s childhood. More..




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