Obamas Connection To George Soros  

George Soros the philanthropist and vociferous anti-Israel crusader is one of the biggest donors to the Democratic Party. In 2004, he vehemently opposed President Bush’s re-election and is believed to have donated $18 million of his personal funds towards Bush’s defeat.

A little known fact is that Soros’s support for Obama dates back to the latter’s campaign for Senator. Soros’s generosity towards Obama, when seeking election as Senator from Illinois, stemmed from a legal loophole in campaign funding.

Obama was pitted against Blair Hull in the primaries and Jack Ryan in the general, both of whom were multi-millionaires. Under the ‘millionaire’s exception’ rule, the limit of an individual’s campaign contribution of $2300 did not apply when a candidate stood against a millionaire. Since candidates were now allowed to receive up to $12000 from a single individual, Soros and his family could, and did, contribute $60,000 to Obama. This was apart from funds Soros rustled up from a host of friends, employees and business connections.

In mid-March of 2007, Soros launched a tirade against the ‘Israel Lobby’ and called for the Democratic Party to dissociate itself from its influence. He firmly believed that America should be talking to Hamas, the democratically elected governing body of Palestine. Amongst others, Obama was forced to issue a rebuttal, for which he won some praise, notwithstanding the fact it was issued through a spokeswoman.

A fortnight after the rebuttal, at a fundraising dinner in New York for Obama, Soros was present. Apparently Obama’s ostensible rebuttal did not prevent him from socializing with, and receiving funds from, George Soros.

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Obamas Connection To George Soros




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