How Many Kids Does Phil Knight Have ?  

Phil Knight is the founder and chief executive officer of Nike. Nike stands out to be the largest athletic shoe and apparel company in the world. Philip Hampson Knight has been recognized with adjectives like innovative, controversial and very, very successful.

It was his business acumen that transformed a tiny company called Blue Ribbon Sports into Nike Corp., a multibillion dollar enterprise and a household name.

Even in the formative years of his life, Phil showed keen interest in athletics. After finishing high school, he enrolled at the University of Oregon. He was a middle distance runner for the school’s track team and managed to run a mile in four minutes and ten seconds. He later took up an MBA program at the Stanford University. He obtained a master’s degree in business administration in 1962. Within the next 2 years, he launched a company by the name of Blue Ribbon Sports in partnership with his track coach, Bill Bowerman. Their company sold shoes manufactured at Kobe in Japan. Both of them were of the strong opinion that running shoes made in America were uncomfortable and too heavy. The goal of Blue Ribbon was to design a superior athletic shoe with a low production cost. The company had a rough beginning with Phil selling shoes out of his station wagon.

Soon, the business started rising and in 1972, the company was renamed Nike, a brand named after the Greek victory goddess. The trade exploded and in no time Nike captured the shoe market. The success story of Nike did not stop at shoes alone, Knight decided to venture into other markets as well. They began manufacturing Nike clothing, which included everything from socks to polo shirts. In the 1980’s, the success of Nike was hit by Reebok. The company had made the fatal mistake of forgetting about the women. The aerobic fad struck in the mid 80s. It was then that a Boston-based company, Reebok high-stepped right in, creating a somewhat flimsy, but attractive shoe that was readily bought by women. Reebok's sales surpassed Nike's in 1987. In order to overcome this competition, Nike grew its marketing budget and laid further emphasis on design, Nike's euphemism for fashion. Despite his success, Knight was criticized for using sweatshop labor for manufacturing. Since then, Nike took adequate measures to improvise the working conditions in its factories. 

Knight and his wife Penelope were blessed with two sons, Matthew and Travis. They also have a foster daughter named Christina. Phil lives in Oregon with a non-flamboyant life style. The family has a horde of pets. Knight owns a black Lamborghini and a red Ferrari. The workplace is also a scene of fun and comfort. The Nike World Campus features three restaurants, plus fitness center, beauty salon, laundry service, jogging facilities, a day-care center and various other services. On May 23, 2004, Phil lost his eldest son Matthew, who was then only 34 years old. Matthew drowned in Lake Ilipango in Sal Salvador, where he had gone for a video coverage for a fund raising project for an orphanage named Mi Casa Su Casa. Matthew lived in Sherwood with his wife, Angie and two sons, Logan and Dylan, who were only 3 years and 6 months respectively at the time of his demise. It was Matthew’s passion for Oregon sports that made Phil donate 100 million dollars to the Oregon Athletics’ Legacy Fund. It is in his honor, that the 12,500 seat arena at the University of Oregon has been named Matthew Knight Arena.

On December 28, 2004 Phil Knight resigned from the post of CEO but retained the position of the chairman of the board. He has 35 percent stake in the company, which amounts to 7.4 billion dollars. Knight ranks sixth on Forbes's latest list of the richest Americans.

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How Many Kids Does Phil Knight Have ?




In-The-Beginning-Where-Did-Phil-Knight-Sell-His-Shoes      Phil Knight was born to William H and Lola Knight on February 24, 1938 in Portland, Oregon. This child of theirs went onto to become the founder and the CEO of Nike, the most successful company in the production of athletic shoes. Knight is recognized for his futuristic mind set and business acumen. More..




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