What Did Steve Jobs Invent ?  

February 24, 1955 saw the birth of Steve Paul Jobs, a future entrepreneur. It was at the age of nine that Jobs got into the line of electronics by taking up lectures at Hewlett Packard electronics and later on joining them as an employee. It was the beginning.

It was here that he met Stephen Woznaik, a co-employee. Woznaik was a engineering wizard who had a passion for electronic gadgets. Since Steve was nowhere interested in engineering any electronic gadgets, he insisted in marketing the products. They both, together then worked on building a personal computer. Selling their Volkswagen microbus and scientific calculator made up the capital they put in.  

They accomplished their dream with their new company Apple in the year 1976, which created a revolution in the market. They introduced personal computers. The huge and gigantic sizes were reduced to small boxes. The computers that were originally only for the offices, governments and big business because a household item that were made user friendly. 

Windows interface and mouse technology was introduced that set a standard apart in software. The other companies no sooner copied it too. It was his vision that developed initially in his garage. He became the Chairman and CEO of Pixar that he co-founded. With five more animated stories and films to follow, Toy Story was the first feature film that became a hit in domestic films. It was the third highest grossing animated film. Here Steve negotiated a deal that became a landmark for his company. Such were the inventions of Steve Jobs.

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What Did Steve Jobs Invent ?




When-Was-Steve-Jobs-Born      A male child was born to Joanne Carole Schieble, an American, and Abdul Fattah Jandali, a Syrian, in San Francisco of California. They named him Steve. A Pisces by zodiac sign, Steve was born on 24th February in the year 1955. It was at 7.15 pm in the late evening that he was born. As per the birth chart, the time zone says PST h8w as the standard time of his birth. More..




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What Did Steve Jobs Invent ? )
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