Warren Buffett Biography  

August 30, 1930 is a date to be written in gold letters when a genius was born. This child was named Warren Edward Buffett who later amazingly displayed an aptitude of uncanny calculating ability.  At the age of six, Buffett purchased 6-packs of Coca Cola for just twenty-five cents. He made a profit of five-cents on each bottle when he resold them.

Buffett entered the world of finance at his eleventh year when he purchased three shares at $38 of Cities Service. Although the stock fell to $27, Warren withheld his shares and sold them when it rose to $40. 

Warren Buffett came with flying grades of A+ in one of Graham's classes. At the age of 22, Warren married Susie Thompson. Although their financial condition was not sound, Warren continued to invest in Texaco station and real estates, but in vain. He took up teaching at nights at University of Omaha. Ultimately his line of interest got a boost when Ben Graham called for him. It was a game of numbers that Ben was interested mainly. But Warren was not. Between the ages of 20 and 26, his capital increased from $9,800 to $140,000.  

In 1956, he created Buffett Associates with an initial input of just $100. At the end of the year, it fetched him a capital of $300,000. By 1970 Warren Buffett was holding a personal wealth of $140 million. And by 1989, when Berkshire Hathaway was trading at $8,000 a share, Buffett was worth more than $3.8 billion dollars.

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Warren Buffett Biography




Warren-Buffett-Income-Sources      Howard, father of the great persona Warren Buffet, would not have in the least expected his son to become the second richest person. Warren Buffet proved that he was a genius at the age of six itself, when he earned his first source of income with just five cents as a profit out of the six packs of coca cola that he bought from his grandfather’s store and resold them. More..




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