Charlie Chaplin And Family  

Charlie Chaplin stated that he did not know his father. Charles Sr. was a singer at the London Music Hall for several years. Charlie was with his father only for a short period. Charles. Sr died on 9 May 1901.

Mother of Charlie’s was Hannah Chaplin, who married Charles Sr and had become a singer at the London Music Hall. She already has a son named Sydney from a previous marriage when she got married to Charles Sr. She made appearances with the stage name of Lily Harley for few years. Hannah gave birth to Charles Spencer Chaplin Jr. on 16 April 1889.

The Chaplin family broke when his mother had an affair with Leo Dryden, who was also a singer at the London Music Hall. After this, Hannah went through mental illness and lived under other people's care.

While Charlie and Sydney were children, their mother ended up suffering from a mental disorder that caused her to be institutionalized for several years. Hannah was brought to America by her children in 1921, and people were appointed for her care. She passed away on 28 August 1928. 

Charlie Chaplin had 2 half brothers, namely Sydney Chaplin and Wheeler Dryden. Sydney was with Charlie throughout all his life. However, the two brothers did not know that they had another half brother. Finally, in the 1920s, the three brothers met while working on a film. 

Sydney was Charlie Chaplin's business manager of Charlie was Sydney and he also played characters in the movies like Pay Day, Shoulder Arms, The Pilgrim and A Dog’s Life.

Sydney was married twice, but never had any children. Minnie, first wife of Sydney, died. After her death, he married a gypsy who was French. Sydney died at the age of 80 on the birthday of Charlie on 16 April 1965 and the other half brother died on 30 September 1957. 

Charlie was married 4 times and had a total of 11 children. His first wife was Mildred Harris. They got married on 23 October 1918, and were blessed with a son named Spencer Chaplin. Charlie and Mildred got divorced on 4 April 1921. Lita Grey was the second wife of Charlie. Charlie had 2 sons with Lita, named Charles Spencer Chaplin Jr and Sydney Earle Chaplin. They got divorced on 25 August 1927.

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Charlie Chaplin And Family




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