How Did Langston Hughes Die ?  

Langston Hughes was born as James Mercer Langston Hughes on 1 February 1902. He was an American poet, a novelist, a short story writer and a columnist. He was also into writing Jazz poetry. Hughes is most popular for his work during the Harlem Renaissance when he described the renaissance through Harlem in Vogue.

On 22 May 1967 Langston died from complications which resulted from an abdomen surgery. He had to undergo the surgery as he was diagnosed with prostate cancer. He was 65 years old when he died.

Langston was one of the African American poets of his league who made a considerable impact on the Harlem movement. His ashes are buried in the Arthur Schromberg Center for Research in Black Culture. The floor design under which Langston's ashes are buried has a geometric figure showing cosmology. It is in African style and is named Rivers. The name for the design has been taken from Langston's work entitled The Negro Speaks of Rivers. His earthly remains are interred right in the center of the design and directly above the remains are words from his work -- My soul has grown deep like the rivers.

Hughes did not have a congenial relationship with his father even though he lived with him for a short time with him in 1919 in Mexico. After graduating from school, Langston went back to live with his father so that he could convince his father to fund his education in Columbia University. Hughes father always hoped that he would attend college in an international place. His father hoped he would study engineering. He was willing to pay for his son's education only on this one condition. So, Langston joined Columbia University to study engineering, but left his studies mid way in 1922. He said this was because of racial discrimination in the University. All along, Langston never quit writing poetry.

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How Did Langston Hughes Die




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Interesting-Things-About-Langston-Hughes      James Mercer Langston Hughes was born in the year 1902 on February 1 in a place named Joplin situated in Missouri. Langston was a popular poet, short story writer, novelist, columnist and playwright. He was one of the pioneers of jazz poetry. He became quite famous during the Harlem Renaissance period. During this time, his work "Harlem was in vogue" won wide acclaim. More..




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