Poems Written By Langston Hughes  

Langston Hughes was a very popular African American poet, who contributed greatly to the Harlem movement in the United States. Throughout his life, most of Hughes works were about Harlem and the racism that was prevalent in the country. He lived and worked in Harlem. In his lifetime, Hughes wrote short stories, plays and novels other than poetry.

His first introduction to poetry came when he went to work in Washington D.C., and after this there was no looking back for Langston. Intermittently, he also worked as a correspondent and was sent to cover the Spanish Civil War. His poems were very popular and he also won several awards for them in the United States. Some of his poems have had a strong impact on several modern poets of America and they adapted to his style of writing in many ways. He supported the Negro movement in a big way and took strong pride in his race and community.

Here is a list of some poems written by Langston Hughes:

  • Let America Be America Again
  • I, Too, Sing America
  • Life Is Fine
  • Dream Deferred
  • Mother to Son
  • Quiet Girl
  • Still Here
  • The Negro Mother
  • Dream Variations
  • The Negro Speaks Of Rivers
  • Theme For English B
  • Justice
  • Problems
  • Democracy
  • The Weary Blues
  • Freedoms Plow
  • Daybreak In Alabama
  • Merry-Go-Round
  • Juke Box Love Song
  • Night Funeral In Harlem
  • Po' Boy Blues
  • Fire-Caught
  • The Blues
  • Walkers With The Dawn
  • Ardella
  • Minstrel Man
  • Advertisement For The Waldorf-Astoria
  • Madam And Her Madam
  • Madam And The Phone Bill

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Poems Written By Langston Hughes




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What-Critics-Say-About-Langston-Hughes      Langston Hughes played a predominant role in the Harlem Renaissance. He devoted his life to writing about the African American people's struggle with racism. He was also bestowed the title of Poet Laureate of Harlem. His work is from different genres. More..




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