What Genre Does Langston Hughes Write ?  

Langston Hughes was an African American poet who wrote mainly about racism and the lifestyles of the African American community. Through his works he ended up becoming one of the most famous and celebrated poets of the century. Hughes wrote on all kinds of genre, and his works belonged to several categories. The most famous of his works were the ones that had the influence of Jazz music. He used it quite a bit in his works.

He was born in Joplin, Mississippi on February 1, 1902. Langston’s father should be given some credit along with his maternal grandmother to shape Langston's way of thinking. His father was a lawyer, but had to leave the US and move to Mexico as he could not find a job because of his skin color. Then, the period when Langston Hughes was growing up in the US, racial discrimination was at its peak. Langston went through severe racial discrimination throughout his life. Even in school, as a young boy, he found that nobody wanted to play or associate with him because of his skin color. So, he sought refuge in his books, befriending the characters.

All these experiences only made him become more creative in his work. His poems and stories had subtle humor and at the same time described the irony of the society. However, critics from the African American community did not like his approach because he only spoke about the poverty of the African American community. They felt that Langston was keeping the stereotyping going.

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What Genre Does Langston Hughes Write




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