Who Was Langston Hughes Married To ?  

Langston Hughes was one of the most famous pioneers of jazz poetry. He was also a well-known novelist, short story writer, columnist and a playwright. His primary contribution to literature was during the Harlem Renaissance period. "Harlem was in vogue" is one of his most popular works during this period.

Hughes sexual orientation was under speculation during his life. Even today historians and literature experts question it. While Langston was alive, it was observed that many of his close social circles were homosexual. One of them was a famous novelist named Carl Van Vechten. His novel titled Nigger Heaven was published in the year 1926 and it led to a huge controversy.

Biographers and academic did believe that Langston was a homosexual. Homosexual codes were reflected even in his poems. One of the popular works of Hughes titled "Blessed Assurance" talks about a dad’s anger over his son’s queer ways and effeminacy.

Hughes chose to remain closeted so that he could win the support and respect of black organizations and churches. He also did not want to exacerbate his actual financial situation to the public.

Arnold Rampersad was the biographer of Langston. He mentioned that Hughes gave preference to many African American men in his professional and personal life. However, he denied that Hughes was homosexual. He just stated that Hughes was asexual. But he remained passive in sexual relations. He argued that Hughes manifested a lot of respect for women too.

However, Hughes was still alleged to be a male lover and his obsession about black men in seen in a number of unpublished works.

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Who Was Langston Hughes Married To




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How-Did-Langston-Hughes-Die      Langston Hughes was born as James Mercer Langston Hughes on 1 February 1902. He was an American poet, a novelist, a short story writer and a columnist. He was also into writing Jazz poetry. Hughes is most popular for his work during the Harlem Renaissance when he described the renaissance through Harlem in Vogue. More..




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