Famous Oscar Wilde Poems  

Oscar Wilde is one of the most read and most famous poets in the literary world. Even today, people read his works with the same kind of enthusiasm in previous centuries. Oscar started writing poems when he was just 12 years old. Requiescat was a poem that he wrote when he just turned 12. This was written to help him cope with his sister's death, who just eight at that time.

Oscar Wilde has written several poems, and they have always carried a deep and ironical meaning and also humor. Here is a list of famous Oscar Wilde poems: 

Amor Intellectualis 
At Verona 
Ave Imperatrix 
Ave Maria plena Gratia 
A Vision 
Ballade de Marguerite 
Burden of Itys, The 
By the Arno 
Dole of the King’s Daughter, The 
Easter Day 
E Tenebris 
Fabien dei Franchi 
Garden of Eros, The 
Grave of Keats, The 
Grave of Shelley, The 
Henrietta Maria 
Her Voice 
Impression du Matin 
Impression du Voyage 
Impression: Le Reveillon 
In the Gold Room: a Harmony 
La Bella Donna della mia Mente 
La Fuite de la Lune 
Les Silhouettes 
Libertatis Sacra Fames 
Louis Napoleon 
Madonna Mia 
Magdalen Walks 
My Voice 
New Helen, The 
Quantum Mutata 
Quia Multum amavi 
Rome Unvisited 
San Miniato 
Santa Decca 
Silentium Amoris 
Sonnet on approaching Italy 
Sonnet on hearing the Dies Iræ sung at the Sistine Chapel 
Sonnet on the Massacre of the Christians in Bulgaria 
Sonnet to Liberty 
Sonnet written in Holy Week at Genoa 
Tædium Vitæ 
Theocritus: a Villanelle 
To Milton 
Urbs Sacra Æterna 
Vita Nuova

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Famous Oscar Wilde Poems




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Oscar-Wilde-Biography      Oscar Wilde was born Oscar Fingal O'Flahertie Wills Wilde on 16 October, 1854, and he died on 30 November in 1900. He was a popular Irish Poet and writer. His mother was also a poet, and it is believed that is how he got inspired to write poetry. His parents lived in Dublin and were respected intellectuals. Oscar himself showed interest in poetry at a very young age. He learnt French and German languages, and became fluent in using them very quickly. Oscar went to University in Dublin and after graduation he took up several kinds of work. More..




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