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Robert Burns was born on 25 January, 1759 and he died on 21 July, 1796. People of Scotland refer to him as Rabbie Burns and call him Scotland’s favorite son. Some of the other names that are used to address him were Plougham Poet and Bard of Ayrshire. Many people simply called him the Bard.

Burns was a poet and lyricist from Scotland. He is also considered to be the national poet of his country because nobody has been as famous as him. Also, he is the best of the poets who used the Scottish language to write, even though he wrote in English as well. He was very highly regarded in Scotland. In fact, he has been credited of starting the Romantic Movement in his country. When he died, Burns inspired the people who started the liberal and social movements in the country.

Even today, he is celebrated in the country and his work almost became a cult in the 19th century and 20th century. In 2009, he was voted as the greatest Scot to have lived by a popular Scottish television network.

Burns also wrote and collected folk songs from all over Scotland. He also considered adapting some of the folk songs into his work. His poem, Auld Lang Syne, is still sung in Hogmanay, which is the last day of the year and celebrated by the Scottish. Another composition, the Scots Wha hae was considered to be the unofficial national anthem of the country for several years. There are several other songs and poems penned by Robert Burns. Some of the most popular are A Red, Red Rose, To a Louse, A Man’s A Man for A That, To a Mouse, and The Battle of Sheramuir.

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Robert Burns Biography




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Robert-Burns-Birthday      People in Scotland celebrate Robert Burns' birthday on January 25, and call it Rabbie’s Birthday. Usually this day is celebrated with the Burns Night Supper. This day is celebrated by drinking whiskey, raising a toast to the young women and eating haggis. Robert Burns' birthday celebration has become a ritual for Scots all over the world as the celebrations have been held from the time Burns passed away over two hundred years ago. More..




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