Robert Burns Birthday  

People in Scotland celebrate Robert Burns' birthday on January 25, and call it Rabbie’s Birthday. Usually this day is celebrated with the Burns Night Supper. This day is celebrated by drinking whiskey, raising a toast to the young women and eating haggis. Robert Burns' birthday celebration has become a ritual for Scots all over the world as the celebrations have been held from the time Burns passed away over two hundred years ago.

Just the celebration is sufficient to tell the world the kind of impact Robert Burns and his writings had and have on Scotland and the Scottish. This is quite strange considering that he was the son of poor farmer. His father did not have sufficient money to educate, though Burns did go to school for a few years. However, Burns was a self-taught person, who mastered not just the Scottish language but also English and some French.

While he did write in English too, it was Burns Scottish language poems that catapulted him to the zenith of fame, and made him immortal in his country. Single-handedly Robert Burns brought back the interest in the Scottish language by writing folk songs and poems about his country and living a life in a small town.

Even though Burns grew up in a farm, he was terrible in farming. That is what prompted him to publish his first book of poems. This was in 1786. The book immediately became a success. Unfortunately the proceeds from the book were invested again in his farm, but once again Burns could succeed. He died at a tender age of thirty-seven as he could not give up his love for alcohol even after being repeatedly told by his doctor to quit.

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Robert Burns Birthday




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Robert-Burns-And-Poetry      Robert Burns was a very popular poet from Scotland, and his works are read all over the world. In fact, he is considered to be the national poet of his country. He has been credited of starting the Romantic Movement. More..




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