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Shel Silverstein was born in Chicago in 1932. He showed his interest in reading and drawing at a very young age. Not much is known about his childhood and parents as he never discussed these topics. However, his first publication came in the Roosevelt Torch in the Roosevelt University. He served the military in Japan and Korea, and at that time he drew cartoons for adults for the army publication. When he came back to Chicago, he returned to civilian life and started dedicating all his time to writing and drawing cartoons.

Silverstein first began with freelancing cartoons to adult magazine and he worked with several popular ones like Sports Illustrated and Playboy. In 1956, Silverstein introduced his publication by Ballantine Books. After this, he worked for Playboy magazine where he received a lot of fame for his cartoons. He then started taking a diversion in his career as a children storybook writer and song writer. His songs were the most famous of his works, and were sung by the likes of Rolling Stones, Johnny Cash and several others. Silverstein considered this very interesting and also shot to instant fame worldwide.

However, in spite of his growing success his personal life was full of tragedies. Silverstein married Susan and had a daughter with her. She died when the daughter was five and later even the daughter died due to a brain aneurysm. He married again to Sarah and had a son named Mathew. Several of his works were dedicated to both his children. Silverstein retired and died in Key West in 1999.

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Shel Silverstein Biography




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Shel-Silverstein-Simile-Poems      Shel Silverstein was born on September 25, 1932 in Chicago. He was most popular as a children’s book writer, but his literary work included several other genres. He was one of the poets and authors who was multi talented. He composed several songs and was a folk singer too. He was also very popular as an adult cartoonist, and worked with several popular magazines of his time. More..




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