Who Is Shel Silverstein Married To ?  

Shel Silverstein is a popular author among children. He has written a lot of book sellers and won prestigious awards for his contributions. Some of his award winning collections include “A light in the attic”, “The Giving Tree”, “Falling up” and “Where the Sidewalk Ends”.

Shel Silverstein married Susan Hastings. Silverstein’s daughter Shoshanna was born in the year 1970 on June 30. Shoshanna is a Hebrew name and means rose or lily.

Five years after their marriage, Susan died in Baltimore in the year 1975 on June 29. There are some reports which indicate that the couple got divorced after their child. Some reports mention that he had 2 children whilst being married to Susan. However, Silverstein chose to stay off the public eye during this time and refused giving much information about this phase of life.

After Susan died, Shanna was raised by her Uncle Curtis Marshall and Aunt Meg Marshall. Shanna died when she was 11 years old in the year 1982 on April 24. She was a student of the Bryn Mawr School. This is situated in Baltimore. Reports suggest that the child died of cerebral aneurysm.

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Who Is Shel Silverstein Married To




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Alliteration-Poems-By-Shel-Silverstein      Shel Silverstein was known to have written innumerable poems during his writing career. Many of poems written by Shel Silverstein contain alliteration. This is nothing but repetition of sounds of a consonant in a single sentence. In fact, alliteration poems by Shel Silverstein are used in the US to teach young children the sounds of words. Various assignments are given to students to understand the meaning of and use of alliteration. More..




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