The Life Of William Wordsworth  

William Wordsworth was born on 7 April 1770. He was born and brought up in the Lake District. His father was an He first studied in a school in Penrith, and later on he attended the Hawkshead Grammar School. In 1787, he attended Cambridge and graduated from there.

He then went to France and participated in the walking tour of France. There his life changed as he fell in love in two times. The first time was with a beautiful French woman called Annette Vallon, who had a daughter with him; and then Wordsworth fell in love with the French Revolution.

Some of the greatest poems by him were written in France. He had a sister called Dorothy and lived with her in Dorset close to another famous writer Coleridge.

In 1789, he published his second and larger version of the Lyrical Ballads. Later, Wordsworth got married to a lady named Mary Hutchinson, who was his childhood friend. He published two volumes of poems in1801 and it was in these that poems like Resolution and Independence and Intimations of Immortality from Recollections of Early Childhood were published.

Today, Wordsworth poems is widely read and enjoyed all over the world. It has a set a precedent of style and language for the art of poetry itself.

Wordsworth thought that poetry was the most thoughtful and truth-seeking of all types of writings. William also held other poets in his era with great regard. His first interest was travel, but later when he witnessed the French Revolution he started writing poems. He had the literary skills for this literary art.

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The Life Of William Wordsworth




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William-Wordsworth-Accomplishments      William Wordsworth was born on April 7 of 1770 and died on April 23 of 1850. Much of his accomplishments were in the latter part of his life. In the beginning, he was just studying and traveling to other countries around the world. More..




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