Spiderman Biography  

Spiderman was created by Marvel Comics and by Stan Lee that also created the Incredible Hulk, for example. Spiderman is the quintessential America hero and is just like any other superhero story actually. However, the Spiderman has been special because of his special spider like powers.

Peter Parker is a sophomore and gets bitten buy a strange spider. After a few days, he realizes that he is becoming more sensitive to the environment around him and can tell people approaching towards him from far away. His sense of hearing and smell becomes like the spider. He also develops spider-like reflexes. Soon the evil forces of the world learn about his super powers and try to kill him one way or the other.

The Spiderman has only weakness and that is to help people who are in trouble. Be it a bank robbery or a neighborhood crime, he is always there. That is why the caption is also called “The Friendly Neighborhood Spiderman”. In the comic strip, Peter Parker, who is the Spiderman, works as a photo journalist and has the responsibility to cover Spiderman achievements. Being humorous is also one angle of the Spiderman story. However, the movies were made slightly different.

Spiderman debuted as a comic strip in 1962 along with Marvel Comics. There were soon comic strips featured in papers and also comic books were being released. The artist who created the Spiderman costume is Steve Ditko. It is one of the most famous comic strips, television series and also movies today.

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Spiderman Biography




Who-Are-The-Villains-In-Spiderman      Spiderman is one of the most popular comic strips in America and also several movies have been made about this superhero. There have been four versions of Spiderman movies released so far. Spiderman was created by Stan Lee in 1962 by Marvel Comics. More..




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