Gandhi Comments On Christianity  

Gandhi once quoted that if all Christians were to behave like Christ, then the whole world would be of full of Christians. This was in no way a derogatory statement.

Gandhi always had great respect for Christianity and had close association with the religion. He often quoted the words of Jesus in his speeches and also from the Sermon on the Mount Chapter of the Bible.

He had all the religious books in his chambers like the Geeta, Bible and Quran. Because of the preaching of Jesus he did not respond to war with war and instead he chose the path of non cooperation with the British government. When a Missionary from the Church once asked Gandhi when he so often uses the words of the Bible and Jesus why does not he take up to Christianity. He replied that it is not that he rejects Christ but he sees that so many of the Christians were unlike Christ. He also expressed that to believe in Jesus you do not have to be a Christian.

He always that not all Christians in the world lived according to the religion and did not follow what Jesus said. For him, being a true Christian was to follow the preaching’s of Jesus. Gandhi’s association with Christianity began in South Africa when he was practicing law in a law firm. He started studying the Bible and adhered to the principles of Jesus. He also seriously contemplated with the idea of becoming a Christian which led him to find a small church in the locality that he lived in South Africa. Many of the reforms he brought about in India were derived from Christianity and based on the preaching of Jesus.

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Gandhi Comments On Christianity




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