Why Did Mahatma Gandhi Become A Leader ?  

When Gandhi returned to India from South Africa, he saw that his own country men were living lives in a degraded way under the British rule. He saw that the Indians got a step motherly treatment in their own land. He also saw that there were some freedom fighters fighting against the British rule individually and he did not approve of that.

He met Gopal Krishna Gokhale who was trying to talk to the British government and was leading a subdued freedom Movement. Gokhale was the political idol for Gandhi and guided Gandhi through his efforts for freedom. It was Gandhi’s own decision to make some reforms in the people of India in order to drive the British out. Also, Gandhi always displayed leadership qualities after he graduated in London.

When he was in South Africa, Gandhi suffered a similar treatment from the British and when he came back home he saw his fellow countrymen going through the same strife. Also, he noticed that within India there were several castes that were not cooperating with each other treating the low castes very badly.

He decided to change these things and started voicing his opinion and view points to people. Gandhi had great elocutionary skills and could mesmerize people with his speeches. He used this to his advantage and soon formed a big group of followers. In his leadership he started several successful movements like Satyagraha, Dandi March and finally the Freedom Movement which all brought the best for the country. Gandhi finally was able to make the British government retreat from India and thus releasing the country from their clutches in 1947 but with the repercussions of partition that led to the formation of Pakistan.

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Why Did Mahatma Gandhi Become A Leader




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Why Did Mahatma Gandhi Become A Leader ? )
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