Mother Teresa Religous Beliefs  

For Mother Teresa a religious belief was something that induces morals and charity. She was a very devout catholic who believed in spreading the love of Jesus to everyone. In many of her speeches and writings she expressed her belief in Jesus to be a puritan one.

When she worked with the poor she said that any kind of religious evangelism was completely unnecessary. She did not believe in converting people’s religions and she made this as a strong point in several of her speeches. She also clarified that she only identifies with the pain and suffering of a person and not their religion. Though she followed many principles of Jesus she did not necessarily believe that Christianity was the only religion which was kind.

Mother Teresa said that her missionary will never try to convert people who cam for aid. She said it is in their service they identify with god and not in the religion. Mother Teresa was identified as a universalistic and not as a catholic or Christian. She also asked people who stay in the home for the dying, an organization created by her, to pray to their own god and did not preach religion to them.

Mother Teresa, though she did not teach religion much, practiced and taught payer, faith, love and peace. She also taught that observing silence and meditating will solve a lot of problems for people with various health problems. She also told her people that even if their Lord is not called, they can still replace the name of Jesus with their own God.

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Mother Teresa Religous Beliefs




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