Princess Daina And Mother Teresa  

The funeral for Princess Diana was held just on the day Mother Teresa died. Mother Teresa had touched all their lives including Princess Diana and her two little sons.

The death of Lady Diana was a very emotional moment for the entire United Kingdom and the whole world was grieving Mother Teresa’s demise at the same time. It is like losing two great souls at the same time.

Princess Diana was known to be a kind and generous person. Even Mother Teresa, when she met Princess Diana, remarked that she is beautiful person and beautiful at her heart too.

Mother Teresa died in the same week as Princess Diana and she is world renowned for her selfless service. She spent her entire life in service of the poor in India and she was not an India by nationality. She herself lived her life in poverty when there was no need. She helped the old, children, lepers, the dying by being one among them. 

The world lost two great lives in the same week and both were in contrast of each other. Princess Diana had a high profile life and she belonged to one the richest and the most popular families in the world. Her death was a result of a careless case of drunken driving. In contrast to Princess Diana’s personality, Mother Teresa was a simple nun who lived like the poor and served the poor.

Mother Teresa and Princess Diana knew each other and have even worked on missions together. When Mother Teresa heard about Princess Diana’s death, she was deeply moved and affected. Some even believe that Princess Diana’s death could have led Mother to give her heart out. 

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Princess Daina And Mother Teresa




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