Who Did Mother Teresa Influence ?  

Mother Teresa had served thousands of people who were poor, suffering, dying and orphaned. She had a huge impact on one and all.

There is not a single soul in the world that does not bend their head in respect to her. Mother Teresa is not only an inspiration but a change that transformed several lives because she changed the way people thought.

The biggest influence and lesson that she taught the world was that every single person whether rich, poor, outcast, healthy, religion, social standing and sex has value in the eyes of god. If you believe in god, then you will respect everyone. She also made many people realize that the greatest way to show love to god is by meeting the needs of others.

By establishing the home for the dying in Calcutta, she helped thousands of people die in dignity. If not for the home, these people would have died on streets and in gutters with no one to perform their last rites. Instead, she brought them to her home and let them die surrounded by love and kindness. Whether it was the home for the abandoned children or the lepers or even battered women, she only spread peace and loves through all her missionaries.

She showed the true sense of her service even while receiving the prestigious Nobel Peace Prize in 1979. She made the committee cancel the official bouquet that would be presented to her and fed fifteen thousand poor people that day. Even today her missionaries feed thousands of people everyday.

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Who Did Mother Teresa Influence




Accomplishments-Of-Mother-Teresa      In 1946, it is believed that Mother Teresa received a divine message one day which seemed like an intuition and after that she had decided that she will be surrendering her entire life to the service of humanity. So when she came to India later that year, she was shocked at the state of people and the conditions under which they lived in Calcutta. She started living with them and helping them to make their living conditions better. More..




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